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Active Rehabilitation is a corrective exercise- based program that consists of a detailed postural & movement assessment to identify your muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. 

Each program is customised to address specific needs such as: 

1.  Injury Rehabilitation
An injury can inhibit your daily functions and physical activities. The program will be designed to restore your movement functionality to help you return to daily living and sports, pain free. 

2. Injury Prevention/ Prehabilitation
Prior to the occurrence of injuries, it is likely that the body has produced warning signs such as nagging pain or discomfort. The corrective exercises prescribed by our therapists help to address postural issues and help you move the right way. 

3. Enhancement of Athletic Performance in various competitive sports. 
The customised strength training and conditioning programmes are suitable for athletes/sports teams attain their desired goals in terms of speed, strength and agility, with minimal risk of injury.


Upon completion of the program, our clients will restore pain free movements and will be empowered with substantive knowledge in order to build and sustain a lasting change independently.

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