NeuroKinetic Therapy®️ is a technique that addresses pain and dysfunctional movements. The NKT approach put into practice Motor Control Theory and Manual Muscle Testing to determine compensatory patterns for efficient treatment. A customized program to retrain and extrude compensatory patterns identified through the manual muscle test can rapidly recondition the inhibited muscle(s) to alleviate overworking or painful compensations.


Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) is the latest and most advanced modality that treats a wide range of functional problems such as the musculoskeletal, hormonal, gastrointestinal, chemical and emotional dysfunctions effectively. This technique is based on the understanding of various sensory receptors of the body and the Central Nervous System.


Physiotherapy involves the prevention, assessment and treatment of disorders of human movement due to physical disabilities, trauma or illness. Our physiotherapist will help you to relieve pain, improve muscles strength, joint range and mobility, increase exercise tolerance and and improve respiratory function.


Active Rehabilitation is a corrective exercise- based program that consists of a detailed postural & movement assessment to identify your muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. 
Each program is customised to address your needs such as - Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention/Prehabilitation or Enhancement of Athletic Performance.


Scoliosis: A presentation with abnormal sideways curvature of the spine affects about 3% of adolescents.
Our application of The ScoliMethod®️ ’s gentle and non-invasive techniques as well as a customised conditioning program will address ailments and adjust the postural presentation for our patients. 


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a series of short, controlled stretching technique developed by Aaron L. Mattes. It is a manual technique that combines both strengthening and stretching. Through AIS, one can achieve a new range of motion and at the same time, develop muscular control. 



The Advanced Sports Massage service encompasses a basic movement assessment to identify the areas to be released. The therapists adopts a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to rectify the musculoskeletal imbalances identified.  This service is suitable for both pre and post physical activities, as the variety of techniques can be used selectively to cater to your needs.


7 in 10 office workers in Singapore suffer from back, shoulder and neck pains according to a SGH study. 
Our corporate health and wellness program offers education and readily applicable solutions to help you keep those stiff shoulders, strained neck and back pain at bay.