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NeuroKinetic Therapy®️ (NKT) is a technique that addresses pain and dysfunctional movements. The NKT approach put into practice Motor Control Theory and Manual Muscle Testing to determine compensatory patterns for efficient treatment.  

Motor Control Theory
This theory recognizes that the motor control center in the cerebellum (brain) is responsible for the creation of all body movement patterns and substitute movement patterns. When there is an injury, the brain elects substitute movement patterns through the inhibition (switching-off) and facilitation (overworking) of selected muscles as a compensatory approach. Overtime, this compensation can present as pain or tightness. 

Manual Muscle Testing
The NKT protocol employs a system of precise muscle test(s) to expeditiously identify compensation patterns that could stem from injury, overuse or pain. By applying light pressure that the client then resists, therapist will evaluates the neurological strength and weakness of specific muscles.

A customized program to retrain and extrude compensatory patterns identified through the manual muscle test can rapidly recondition the inhibited muscle(s) to alleviate overworking or painful compensations

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