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Just Like All Our Clients

Water Foam

Jamie Phua, 20s

Yoga Teacher &

Communication Professional

Lower Back Pain

Some kind of magic went down at Rehab Pro yesterday. I've had pain in my lower back for about three years...Within 10 minutes, we realised there was some sort of connection between the asymmetry in my jaw, and my back pain...Soon after the pain was gone! To say I was/am amazed is an understatement. Thanks so much, Joe and Josh, for being incredible...

Yeo Siah Ong, 40s

 Educator / Fitness Junkie

Knee Pain

I came in for a knee problem, discovered the real problem lies in my feet stance and breathing. Left without anymore knee issues and gained a set of workout exercises. Joe even gave me plenty of tips on my training. The standard of rehabilitation here is really professional.

Muhammad Ali, 20s

Personal Trainer

Shoulder Pain

I have been having a bugging shoulder injury that's affecting a lot of my training. After countless failed attempts of my own trigger point work and releases, ive decided to get Joe to check on it. Joe drops great knowledge bombs that ensures I understand and do the correct work. My shoulders feel extremely stable after some simple drills prescribed. Thanks Joe!

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