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  • What’s the difference between a Rehab Pro Movement Therapist versus a physiotherapist and other therapists?
    At Rehab Pro, we take a more holistic approach compared to other conventional pain treatment methods which work mostly with existing pain symptoms presented by clients. Our belief is that pain and injuries are caused by dysfunctional/wrong movement patterns when you walk, run, workout and conduct your daily activities at the office and at home. Hence, we focus on improving how each individual moves by correcting and improving the body’s motor control and movement patterns to eliminate pain and injuries, enabling you to live the lifesyle of your choice.
  • What conditions do you treat?
    Our therapists are trained to assess and treat you from head to toe. For a full list of conditions we treat, click here.
  • Is my therapist certified?
    All our therapists are certified with internationally recognised professional healthcare and progressive manual and movement therapy institutions.
  • Do you offer discounts on regular rehab treatments?/Do you offer packages for treatment?
    Yes, we do offer different treatment packages. But we generally advise clients to come in for single sessions first and then assess if our therapy has helped with their pain and improved their condition before committing to a bigger package. For more information, please call us at 97330703.
  • What to expect from your first visit?
    Please bring along any medical records and X-Rays you may have. At your first consultation, we begin with: - Recording and observing the way your body moves - Testing the muscles in your weak’problem areas - Correct movement/muscle imbalances to eliminate pain
  • Do I need a doctor’s/medical professional’s referral?
    No. Our therapists are trained to assess your fitness/medical condition before commencing the treatment session.
  • How should I dress for my treatment?
    Loose and comfortable attire with sports shoes will help us assess your condition and treatment method more accurately.
  • Which rehab therapist should I see?
    Our therapists are trained in different areas of specialisation to treat clients from all walks of life. Give us a call/SMS at 97330703 and we’ll assign the right coach with the right expertise to you.
  • Can I request for a specific therapist?
    Yes. Please feel free to request for a therapist that your friends/family have recommended.
  • Can I come for rehab treatment if I’m having a cold or fever?
    Preferably no as this may affect your assessment and treatment results.
  • How long is each treatment session?
    Each rehab session is approximately 45 mins to an hour long. Some patients may require longer sessions.
  • What do I need to do after my treatment?
    Depending on your condition, you may be required to do home exercises to maintain and stabilise your condition.
  • Can I use Medisave for my medical bill?
    Currently, Medisave cannot be used for rehab treatment sessions.
  • Can I claim from my insurance company?/Can I make private medical insurance claims?/Does insurance cover treatment?
    At the moment, claims are not available under insurance.
  • What payment methods does Rehab Pro accept?
    We accept cash, Nets or credit card payments.
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