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Scoliosis:  A presentation with abnormal sideways curvature of the spine affects about 3% of adolescents. Regardless of the severity of the spinal deformities, Scoliosis can contribute to physical pain/discomfort, physiological ailments such as hypertension, stress and breathing dysfunctions as well as psychological/emotional and confidence issues.

Our application of The ScoliMethod®️ ’s gentle and non-invasive treatment approach as well as a customised conditioning program will address pain and stiffness ailments, adjust the postural presentation and achieve pain-free movement. We blend in neuro-reflexogenic techniques to improve efficiency of treatment because we believe that what your nervous system does not allow, you will not be able to effectively harness. Check out how we deliver visible postural results for mild and moderate scoliosis case and how our postural program helped our patient regulate their physiological conditions such as insomnia and high blood pressure!

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