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What is Physiotherapy and how do we do it differently?

Physiotherapy can be defined as a treatment method that join the knowledge of human

body and the science of human movement, to assist people to restore, maintain and

maximize their physical strength, function and overall well-being.

This is traditionally achieved through manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrical and

physical agents i.e ultrasound therapy, heat therapy and mechanical traction etc.

We, at Rehab Pro, adopts a holistic approach and strives to look beyond symptomatic relief.

We seek to find the root cause of patient issues by finding out how movement dysfunction

(compensation) and pain arises , formulate a comprehensive treatment plan with aim to

achieve eradication of patient’s issue.

This is done through detail collection of a patient’s history of pain, observation of how

he/she moves, understanding of his/her physical demands and exercise aspirations and tie it

to physical examination of his/her joint and fascia mobility and muscular strength.

With the innovative knowledge and application of Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (

PDTR) and Neurokinetic Therapy ( NKT), we offer a refreshing new approach to solving your


If you have been plague by chronic persistent pain, have tried many different therapies with

limited results and have almost resorted to living with your problem because doctor says

you have “degenerative condition” as shown by MRI, I urge you to come in for a session

and see feel it for yourself!

Author: Alison Eh

Senior Physiotherapist

Rehab Pro Movement Therapy Clinic

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